Vision, Priorities & Improvement

Paoli's Unified Vision for Improvement:

Promoting Partnerships

ppreciating Potential

pening Doors to the Future

earning & Leading

nspiring Innovation

All aspects of the learning environment, stakeholder involvement and decision-making will strive to ensure student success, improvement and our VISION are the top priorities.

Paoli Community School Corporation's District Improvement Steering Committee began exhaustive but productive work during the 2014-15 school year and that work continues today. The purpose of the work is to meet the high standards of AdvancED on behalf of our students and to become district accredited by AdvancED for the first time in our school corporation's history.

Each Paoli school is AdvancED accredited but until now, the school improvement efforts have focused within each building. On behalf of all students, parents, staff and our community, Paoli Community School Corporation will be unifying the improvement efforts across the district, PK-12.

Throop Elementary School Improvement Plan, 2016-2018

Paoli Jr. & Sr. High School Improvement Plan, 2016-2018

District Improvement Plan, 2015-2018

2015-2016 School Accountability Report Cards