Superintendent Message

A Message From PCSC Superintendent, Casey Brewster

As Superintendent of Schools at Paoli Community School Corporation, I rely upon my formal training and experiences in education, common sense and an understanding of our students' needs to make decisions on behalf of all Paoli students. It’s a privilege and an honor to serve our students, parents, staff and the entire school community as the corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Human Resources, and the other roles required of me. Superintendents wear many hats each day in order to ensure we have an effective, safe and efficient learning environment.

My career as an educator began in the mid-1990’s as a third grade teacher at Rosenmund Elementary School in Greensburg, Indiana. That experience was invaluable and I still keep up with many of the students, parents and staff I worked with 20 years ago. I was also fortunate enough to gain valuable experience as a junior high teacher in the areas of social studies and computer applications. In addition to teaching, I coached basketball, cross country and track & field.

In 2002, my family (my wife Jaye and daughters – Alexa, Olivia and Isabela) moved to Paoli and I served as a school administrator at Throop Elementary for two years. I then served the school corporation as an administrator at Paoli Jr. & Sr. High School for nine years. The days, nights, and weekends spent working with students, parents, staff and the community as a building administrator at the elementary and secondary levels provided me with amazing opportunities to truly engage with, and better understand, Paoli’s school community at all levels.

My experiences as the Superintendent in Paoli have been humbling, productive and inspiring. No day passes without the need to comfort and support those who are struggling as well as celebrate successes with those who are passionately working to improve themselves and others around them. The school community in Paoli is supportive, generous and passionate. It’s truly a blessing to work for PCSC.

Improvement everyday in every area is what I seek for myself and everyone around me. As the instructional leader of the school corporation, I'm committed to modeling the best-practice strategies and to critically think about how we promote partnerships, appreciate potential, open doors to the future, learn, lead and inspire innovation. 

Please contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas. Whether during the weekday, on the weekend, or even at an extra-curricular activity, let me know what you appreciate about Paoli’s schools and any suggestions you have for improvement.

Yours in education,

Casey Brewster